As many days someone is planning to spend in Preveza, always seem few. May the motto "sun-sand-sea" is what all they are looking for the holidays, but in the case of Greece, this which determines the ideal destination, is a host of other criteria.

City sightseeing

  • Castle of Pantokratoras
  • St. Andrew Castle
  • St. George Castle
  • Venetian Clock Tower
  • Historical Street of Saitan Pazar
  • Ancient Nicopolis
  • The house and the bust of K. Karyotakis
  • Square of O. Androutsos with his statue.
  • You can visit many of the attractions by the municipality's train (it's free).


  • Museum of naval battle of Actium
  • Archaeological Museum of Nikopoli
  • Cultural Center
  • Epiphany (Art Gallery)

Prefecture attractions

  • Ancient Kassope
  • Memorial of Zalogo
  • The Oracle of Ephyra. From there you can visit the village of Acherousia, which owes its name to the now eponymous ancient dried lake.
  • Castle of Parga. You can also visit the island of Virgin Mary, the Monolithi island, the resorts of Lichnos and St. Sunday, the sea caves, the resort settlement of Sarakiniko and the coastal village of Valtos.
  • Castle of Ali Pasha at Anthousa.
  • At the village of Agios Georgios is the Roman Aqueduct, the sources of St. George, the Louros Hydroelectric Dam and the cave of Asprochaliko.
  • Visit the Castle of Five Wells in the mountain village of New Gorgomylos and the Orraon.
  • You can see the animals' farm in Nea Kerasounta.


  • Hiking or descent by canoe or kayak at Acherontas River
  • Boat trips in Acherontas River from Ammoudia
  • Starting from Parga, visits to the Ionian Islands
  • Water sports on sandy beaches
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Cycling

Natural beauty

  • Acherontas River and the Gates of Hades.
  • Ziros Lake at Philippiada.
  • Wetland of Rodia
  • Amvrakikos Bay
  • Castle of Ali Pasha in Anthousa.
  • Aesthetic Forest in Monolithi
  • Lekatsa forest in Riza


Sixty kilometers of coastline, bordering the Ionian Sea, has the county of Preveza, exactly equal to the Western borders. From the town of Preveza up to its northern edge, Parga, the only serious question for you is "Where?"

Beaches in the city

  • Kiani Akti
  • Alonaki
  • Kalamitsi
  • Mytikas Beach
  • Monolithi

Beaches of prefecture

  • Kanali
  • Artolithia
  • Kastrosikia
  • Ligia
  • Vrachos
  • Loutsa
  • Ammoudia
  • Picturesque bays of Kerentza, Amoni and Alonaki in Parga.
  • Valtos